2N2222A Description

The 2N2222A is nothing but a special type of silicon Planar Epitaxial NPN transistors. It comes with Jedec TO-18 metal case which gives it an extra stability n protection in circuit operations. They are designed for the operation of high-speed switching application at collector current up to 500mA. And this can also feature useful current gain over a wide range of collector current, also the low leakage currents and low saturation voltage of this transistor is a unique feature over other available transistors in the market.

Specifications and Features of the 2N2222A Transistor

It provides a wide range of Storage Temperature (-65 V to 175 V in degree Celcius) and the Maximum operating Junction Temperature is 175 (in degree Celcius) so the Transistor supports a wide range of operational conditions along with the basic transistor operation i.e. Voltage Controlled current source operation.

Working principle of 2N2222A Transistors

As the 2N2222A is a special type of BJT so the main working principle is as follows and it is same as the standard BJTs.

The BE junction is forward biased and the CB is a reverse-biased junction. The width of the depletion region of the CB junction is higher than the BE junction. The forward bias at the BE junction decreases and the barrier potential and produces electrons to flow from the emitter to the base and the base is a thin and lightly doped it has very few holes and less amount of electrons from the emitter about 2% it recombines in the base region with holes and from the base terminal it will flow out properly. This initiates the base current flow due to the combination of electrons and holes in the opposite direction to each other. The leftover large number of electrons will pass the reverse bias collector junction to initiate the collector current and a minority carrier produces a leakage current also. By using KCL we can observe the mathematical equation like this: 

IE = IB + IC

The base current is very less as compared to emitter and collector current.

Here the operation of PNP transistor is the same as the NPN transistor the only difference is only holes instead of electrons. 

Application of 2N2222A Transistors

There are two common uses of these transistors but these transistors provide higher efficiency and security control for their wider range of working temperature, the main uses are listed below.

1. It is used for low power amplification devices. For high power amplification, this is not an apt one we can use then OP-Amps

1. It is used for switching operation in many analog circuit designs.

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