The Integrated circuit 20N60C3 IC is a high voltage switching and transient device. The combination of the IC with MOSFET’s results in the best features bipolar transistors. The IC shows high input impedance and the low on-state bipolar transition and switching characteristics. It is mostly used for the conduction activities where the losses and frequency transmission is low and maintained at the standard. 

The IC is used for the fast and high voltage applications switching characteristics at the moderate frequencies and the optimum losses. Such as to drive the motors, conductors with the help solenoid and other powerful transmission activities.

Circuit Diagram of 20N60C3 and Pinout Configuration:

The circuit diagram of the integrated circuit 20N60C3 is shown in the figure below with the input and output terminals clearly shown. 

Pinout configuration of the IC is listed below with working operation and functioning of the IC nodes. 


Pin Name

Pin Description

Pin 1

Gate Pin

Gate pin is the base or the neutral pin of the IC or the ground

Pin 2

Drain Pin

Drain pin used for the regulation of charge carriers across the circuit

Pin 3

Source Pin

From the source terminal all the charge carriers are trigger and response at the output side. 

Key Features of 20N60C3 IC:

  • The integrated circuit shows high peak current capability
  • The charge through the gate is very very low
  • It is a periodic avalanche rated IC
  • 20N60C3 improves the trans conductance of the circuit thereby improving the data transmission process very effective, fast and reliable.
  • Highly differential rated
  • Low conduction loss of the IC
  • The power dissipation is at optimum temperature of 25 Degree Celsius
  • The fall time is lower than the usual value standard 108ns
  • It is regarded as a revolutionary voltage technology device
  • The plating and the coating done on the surface is Pb and lead free.
  • The best voltage driver device

Applications of 20N60C3 IC:

  • Uses in short circuiting switching devices
  • Extremely compact and PCB friendly in terms of connection
  • The conduction is loss is low hence used in high transition conducting devices like in solenoids, power amplifiers...etc.  
  • Applications in various electronic engineering and electrical engineering projects.

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