A Bipolar NPN Transistor Configuration

The construction and the terminal voltages for the bipolar NPN transistor are shown in the figure above. The voltage between the Base and Emitter of the transistor ( VBE ), is positive at the Base and negative at the Emitter because, for an NPN transistor, the Base terminal remains always positive with respect to the Emitter. The Collector supply voltage is also positive with respect to the Emitter ( VCE ). So for the case of a bipolar NPN transistor to conduct the Collector is always more positive with respect to both the Base and the Emitter.

Introduction to the 2N3584 

We have discussed previously what the NPN Transistors are, what are their configuration and what are their uses so now The 2N3584 series devices are silicon NPN transistors designed for high-speed switching and high voltage amplifier applications.

Ultrasonically bonded leads of this transistor and controlled die mount techniques are utilized to further increase the SOA capability and inherent reliability of these devices. The temperature range to 200° C permits reliable operation for this transistor in high ambients, and the hermetically sealed package ensures maximum reliability and long life

Specifications of 2N3584 

Some specifications about 2N3584 JFET is listed below

  • The Collector-Base Voltage of the device is  VCBO 375 V.
  • The Collector-Emitter Voltage of the device is VCEO 250 V.
  • The Emitter-Base Voltage VEBO of this device is 6.0 V.
  • The Continuous Collector Current IC of the device is 2.0 A.
  • The Peak Collector Current ICM of this device is 5.0 A.
  • Continuous Base Current IB 1.0 A.
  • The Power Dissipation PD of the device is 35 W
  • The Operating and Storage Junction Temperature for this device is TJ, Tstg-65 to +200 °CThermal Resistance JC 5.0 °C/W which provides the extra security to the circuit elements.

Pinout diagram of 2N3584 

The pinout diagram of the 2N3584 is given below

From the above picture, it is seen that the use is very simple of this particular Transistor in any circuit.

Applications of 2N3584 

The various applications of the 2N3584 are discussed below

  • This Transistor is used as Off-Line Inverters.
  • This device is also used as Switching Regulators.
  • The device is also used in Motor Controls for driving powers to the motors from the power source.
  • This device plays a significant role in the Deflection Circuits.
  • This device is used in the DC-DC Converters.
  • This device is also used in High Voltage Amplifiers.

The above circuit shows the application as amplifier of the circuit 2N3584

2N3584 Recommendation Datasheet

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