Hull is made from 1/2 inch plywood.  I used detailed drawings I found on google and calculated them up to 1/6 scale. A table saw, jig saw, and drill press are all I used to cut this out.  I used glue and a nail gun to construct the hull.  Bearings are used for the drive and idler axles, and bronze bushings for the bogies.  The drive motors are 350W electric bicycle motors and the motor controller uses proportional steering.  The upper hull is hinged at the front so I can open it up to access the internals.  I am running two 12V 18AH batteries giving me 24 volts to drive those motors.  Secondary voltage regulators off one of the 12V batteries provide power to the radio controller, servos that move and fire the gun, and the controller that drives the motors.  I am still working on the gun portion of the tank and will incorporate a drone camera for real life driving.