200W Watercooled LED for Hydroponics

Building a cheap Watercooled Lightsource using:
OpenSCAD, 3D Printing, 50W@230V "driverless" cob LED's, aluminum beams, epoxy

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I build this Watercooled LED setup with OpenSCAD (time lapse), 3D Printed it, combined it with some cheap aluminum hollow square beams and finished everything with good ol epoxy.Backstory:I was frustrated about LED Panels that you find online to buy.So i asked myself: could i do better that that?So i had to build a quick and dirty Prototype to find out more.I used thermal compound to hold the LED's in place, printed some end caps for the aluminum beam and glued everything together with Epoxy.Then i printed some inline adapters to connect some Onewire Temp Sensors (DS18B20) and used gnuplot (gnuplot doent actually belong to gnu but thats a story for another day) to graph the results into a Terminal.After running that test for a few days i was sure: this works very fine time for the real thing now!

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