Bitbox console

DIY, 32bits mini video game console

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bitbox is an open, ARM-based, single chip video game console.

It can produce 15 bits video, 640x480 resolution on VGA screen, stereo sound output.

Programs can be loaded using microSD and it can use 2 USB devices for games, such as gamepads, mice or keyboards.
The main chip is a stm32f4. Games have already been ported, as well as a gnuboy, a Gameboy emulator.

The bitbox console is not currently connected to the internet. But it can be through its expansion port, and be a very simple but nice general platform - you could event set up a text browser.

  • 1 × stm32f4

  • new game : dragon's lair !

    Makapuf02/24/2016 at 14:14 0 comments

    Ah .. such a nice game to play on the Bitbox ! (see Angry Video Game Nerd or Joueur du Grenier reviews ;) ... )

    dragons lair!

    This game / engine is aimed at reproducing the dragons lair game on the Bitbox. It's only compatible with the standard bitbox since the data is streamed from SD card.

    It's currently 200LoC / 40k flash / 128k RAM + a 70MB data file

    See github release :

  • ZX Spectrum emulator

    Makapuf05/15/2015 at 15:20 0 comments

    Hi ! now the Bitbox has a ZX spectrum emulator (on top of the Game Boy one)

    Spectrum hardware is quite simple and regular, so it's actually quite simple, based on an existing Z80 CPU emulator, to build a spectrum on it !

    Much of the needed info is here :

    See details at and

    Want to see other emulators ?

  • BB micro updates

    Makapuf05/07/2015 at 13:29 0 comments

    a few updates on the micro BB, BB dev will go on a bit for now.

    Read more »

  • Thinking about bitbox micro ...

    Makapuf04/15/2015 at 12:26 0 comments

    I'm in the process of thinking about making a bitbox micro, cortex m0-based console. The idea is to be smaller, cheaper and maybe more challenging to write games than bitbox, while retaining enough similarity to keep experience and be able to port games simply. Original Bitbox will still be the bigger brother with USB, high def vga, expandability, bigger memory & faster core.

    So far the design choices are :

    • when in doubt, prefer small, cheap and simple
    • stm32f0, 128k flash /16k RAM chip - 48MHz
    • VGA out, jack for sound
    • nunchuk controller
    • USB for reflash and power
    • around 1x2 inches
    • a few megs SPI flash chip (no microsd since it adds to the price)

    stay tuned !

  • some news

    Makapuf01/04/2015 at 23:09 0 comments

    Well the project is still ongoing well (see the blog maybe). More code,games are coming and quite a lot of simple graphical modes and sound/music related work from me and others.

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Makapuf wrote 10/19/2015 at 14:48 point

Hi, thanks ! Feel free to check theblog / mailinglist (or ask any question ! )

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Craig Hissett wrote 10/19/2015 at 22:51 point

Definitely will do!

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Craig Hissett wrote 10/19/2015 at 14:33 point

Well this is bloody marvellous!

I'd love to stick one of these on the back of my PC/ monitor at work for some relief from tedious exercises :-)

It could even have a snap-on case with batteries and a screen to make it portable!

I hate Hackaday - it's going to render me bankrupt if this wishlist doesn't stop expanding!


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Freire wrote 01/04/2015 at 19:12 point

It would be great if bitbox with adapter for keyboard PS/2. run CP/M and would have applications such as Wordstar, dBase, Pascal, Basic, Games, etc.

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Makapuf wrote 01/04/2015 at 23:07 point

Well, PS2 keyboard could be added through expansion port (but USB
keyboard work also). Running CP/M .. why not ! Code is open and emulator
available ;) ...

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