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1 PCB a week for a year.

morganmorgan 06/25/2020 at 22:230 Comments

As the description says, this is inspired by my partner, who wanting to learn to carve decided to carve one spoon a week. It's been fun to watch the progress of learning the various tools involved and using them for different features or styles. Beyond that, both of us having been laid off in March and the general state of the world, I found myself lacking much motivation to tackle larger projects.

 By designing simple circuits, I hope to keep up progress on learning new parts and techniques without having to manage large projects or write extensive firmware. Particularly as I have never formally studied electronics (or anything really...) I want to better learn analog circuitry. With that, I will be kicking this off with a Transimpedance Amplifier that will be part of a beam-break style race timer I've been tinkering on for a couple years. Other projects I've been wanting to do include an Ideal Diode Bridge Rectifier, switching mode power supplies, MPPT solar chargers. Or what ever I can fit in.