#2: LED Cube

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morganmorgan 07/09/2020 at 04:300 Comments

Finally sending the #Sprite Wand LED cube off. I did a couple of tweaks before hand to increase its versatility a bit. In addition to the internal connections to mount it on the end of a rod or wire, I added pairs of 4 point connection pads on opposing sides. Four on one side are +/- and Data/Clock In and the opposing side are power and Data/Clock Out. This will allow for cube to cube chainability in at least one direction. I started down a rabbit hole of maximum chainability but had to stop, outside the scope of this, I can easily to another run. Focusing instead on the ascetic portions on this I included edge solder tabs to maximize rigidity, I hope this will help keep the cube shape nice and tight.

For the first test I needed a couple dozen of these so I figured an early jump into on of the overall projects goals of getting better about penalizing with pick and place in mind. I submitted at 4 on a panel and while it's not beautiful I should be able to put it on the PNP if I want to.
If nothing else, running flex on the PNP will be a fun experiment, I'll probably do at least one for just that reason. Aaaand that's it for now.

This weeks board is something weird, with LED's and edge lighting. Stay Tuned.