#3: Hummingbird Earrings

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morganmorgan 07/14/2020 at 03:300 Comments

This one got off to such a good start it was almost going to be a two-fer! But as things frequently go that early progress just invited more hacking through the weeds. And as it's getting late on Monday, I figure I'll just push the one I've got and consider myself ahead on next weeks.

The gimmick here is a standard 0603 led should be able to fit inside the board, and shine into the substraight material. The image of the humming bird is a solder mask negative and I hope it will give a nice shine. If the footprint does workout and I can in fact cram an LED *inside* a PCB it will have some other fun applications. As the LED is the same 1.6mm as the PCB it might be possible to completely cover them, eliminating any forward pointing light.


Here's Pudge, the neighborhood trouble maker that inspired the design.