Making a solder paste stencil

A project log for STM32F pro mini board

The STM32F030 based board with the size as Arduino pro mini has.

BogdanBogdan 09/25/2020 at 13:540 Comments

Required tools:

  1. Aluminium can.
  2. CNC.
  3. Sanding paper.
  4. Iron.

Preparing an aluminium sheet for the stencil.

The instruction for cut aluminium can.

Cut the top and bottom of the can.

Using the Iron straighten the sheet.

Then cut the sheet with dimensions 100x50mm.

Using sanding paper clean both sides of the sheet. We need to clean the surface to have the possibility to calibrate the CNC using heightmap.

Mount clean sheet of aluminum in CNC.

Preparing G code for CNC.

The FlatCam project you can find in attachments.

Open GTP file in FlatCam and preparing the G code.

By setting tool size as a negative value we shrink the size of pads.

Open the exported G code of job in Candle application.
And before cutting holes does not forget to get a heightmap and apply that map.

After cutting we will get aluminum stencil.