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Add Intel 8251 USART, 8255 PPI, and RTC to the SBC-85 Ecosystem

CraigCraig 07/08/2020 at 23:550 Comments

The v0.9 prototype hardware has been received and assembled and is now undergoing initial tests.  So far, I am happy with its performance and, aside from maybe a silkscreen placement here and there, I have not found any hardware problems.  I have been able to test the home-brew 8-bit I/O port, the three 8255 I/O ports, and the 8251 USART.  Unfortunately, i forgot to add the real time clock to my last component order so i just got that on order today.    I am sending some out to beta testers and if things still look good in a few weeks I will add the build files to the project site and order a batch of v1.0 boards to put up on tindie and ebay.