A project log for Yet another guide on how to make PCBs at home

Here I describe my method for making 1 and 2 layer PCBs at home via lithography and etching

dechemistdechemist 07/06/2020 at 17:060 Comments

Here is a incomplete list of links of websites and programs you may find usefull when creating your PCBs.

Software to design the schematic and layout

- KiCAD (

- LibrePCB (

- EasyEDA (Browser based,

Sources for parts and footprints which are not included in the software

- SnapEDA (registration required, lots of parts for KiCAD, Altinum, Eagle, OrCAD, PCB123 and more

- KiCAD footprints and parts (

- DigiKey library for KiCAD (
- Ultralibrarian (