Educational Five-Bar Parallel Robot (Double SCARA)

Designed to be used as a first robot to introduce students to robotics concepts such as : Inverse Kinematics and control algorithms.

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With this planar robot you can play with forward and inverse kinematics and control algorithms. This is not the best way to make a precise double SCARA but it is a way to learn the closed loop control of a DC motor coupled with an encoder and at the same time the kinematics concepts in robotics.

Three libraries are needed to start running the program with the optical mouse:

If you want to control the robot with the mouse (It can be controlled with many other interfaces like touchscreens, joysticks or sending trajectories form a vector)  you need this library:

The motor driver library (Other motor driers can be used such as L298N):

The PID Controller library to control the motor position in closed loop with the encoder position:

Fiver Bar Parallel robot

Step, STL, Dxf, Ai files of all parts and gerber files of the PCB

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Xavi Cano wrote 06/24/2020 at 14:39 point

Thanks! I am working on the next version with stepper motors and limit switches!

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Dan Maloney wrote 06/24/2020 at 00:18 point

I've seen a lot of these that are very, um... "compliant". This one seems very tight. I'll bet it performs great as a plotter if outfitted with a pen. Nice work.

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