KeepAlive Mechanism

  • uMQTT is able to reconnect after having detecting breaks by sending heartbeat messages in a short time. Users should avoid sending mass Subscribe/Publish requests in a short period, which causes conflicts with heart beating.

Reconnection Mechanism

  • Multiple reconnect mechanisms to guarantee the network stability.
  • Multiple attempts to rebuild connections if the connecting process fails.
  • Multiple attempts to rebuild connections if the keepalive mechanism fails.
  • Multiple attempts to rebuild connections if data-receiving fails.

Multiple Clients

  • Capable to run several clients at the same time, which makes it easy to connect one device to multiple servers.

Sync / Async

Satisfy the user’s demands to subscribe/publish messages in complex situations.

  • Support to send subscriptions synchronously, to ensure the synchronization of development data.
  • Support to send subscriptions asynchronously, to lower the resource consumption and improve the system efficiency.

QOS 0/1/2

  • Supports QOS 0/1/2 Subscribe / Publish requests. The re-connection mechanism is handled by software, so that users don’t have to worry about it.

Subscribe/ Publish

  • Supports basic subscribe & Publish features to implement the functionality required by the mqtt protocol.

Multifunctional parameters that are configurable and tailorable

  • Reconnection interval, reconnection times, heartbeat cycle, the maximum number of subscriptions, keepalive mechanism, reconnection mechanism and other parameter functions can be tailored and configured to meet the developer’s needs in various development environments.

Low Resource Occupancy

  • Small space consumption to fit into low-resource MCUs with all features enabled.

The features of RT-Thread uMQTT package

Obtain uMQTT Software Package

Enable the uMQTT package and the sample code via menuconfig:

  • Open the RT-Thread ENV tool, configure the package via menuconfig.
  • Enable the uMQTT package and MQTT sample, as follows:

Reference: uMQTT Software Package: 

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