• New keycaps

    Geek Centric07/03/2020 at 04:57 0 comments

    New key caps came! They look nice but might take some time to get used to. The red body is still off for me. Deciding between painting the case black or grey. ?

  • Assembling

    Geek Centric06/24/2020 at 13:43 0 comments

    Ordered the PCB and case as a kit from amazon:


    This what a bit of a bummer. The pcb came in with a loose smd in the bag. Had to re-solder. I hadn't done any small solders like that before. Terrible . . . terrible solders joints were made - but it works. 

    Got a pack of Aqua Zilents. 2 out of 70 had an off "boing" noise. Going to use the extras to practice lubing. I'm going from Cherry browns to these. 


    Hot swap mounts make this reeaaalllly easy. I like that I can swap them out later if I want to experiment with other switches. 

    The mis colored keys look a little goofy but I’ll spray paint them later. I was pretty happy testing it. The keys are really quite and I love the bump at the top from the  aqua zilent switches. The super quite switches make the stabilizers sound really loud X( going to have to spend some time working on that.