Motion Capturing system with Exosuit

A project log for Open Exosuit for Differently Abled

This is a lower limb exoskeleton developed to aid patients with walking disabilities in their therapies and to perform simple tasks.

robin-kanattu-thomasRobin Kanattu Thomas 08/07/2020 at 15:560 Comments

We are working on connecting motion capturing system with our exosuit . We are using chordata which is an open source motion capturing system which is available now on kickstarter. We will be including the motion capturing system as a feed back mechanism for our exosuit. The output of the user can be seen in realtime and the progress in rehabilitation can be measured using this motion capturing suit. 

Fig 1 : Chordata Hub

Fig 2: Chordata Sensors

We will be posting more updates regarding the motion capturing system and feedback sensors in the coming weeks.