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A project log for Placemon - sense your home

An open hardware project to sense what is happening in your home

anfractuosityanfractuosity 06/30/2020 at 12:500 Comments

Whilst I am working on re-designing the PCB, to use the correct esp32-d0wd footprint, I am also going to investigate making use of TensorFlow via Python, to recognise different acoustic events in a house.

To do this I will record various sounds in a house using a microphone and a laptop, I will then attempt to classify these events using TensorFlow.  I was planning on looking into using a convolutional neural network to achieve this.

Some of the acoustic events I will attempt to detect, include:

I am also curious if an end user could train the system to detect new events by allowing the classifier to be updated.

I've just started evaluating the classifier from using sound files for smoke alarms etc. from - .  It makes use of TensorFlow for creating the model.