Extending Dialog's IPS Maximum Operating Current

This project aims to show how to extend the maximum operating current range of Dialog integrated power switches.

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Some applications require an integrated power switch (IPS) to control high drive currents. One way to address this application requirement is to select an IPS with a higher current handling capability at least 20% higher than the usage scenario's maximum steady-state requirement. However, if such a product exists, the solution may very well require a larger PCB area, more power, and be quite expensive. Another option is to use two, lower-IDS-rated, lower-priced IPSs in parallel. An immediate benefit in using two IPSs in parallel is a smaller overall RDSON while maintaining low supply current consumption when both IPSs are ON. Dialog’s proprietary MOSFET design and driver IP has the distinct advantage of very low part-to-part RDSON variation.

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