An Open-source 3D printable delivery drone that can be made by makers anywhere to deliver essential supplies to those in need.

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This is an open-source initiative to create a framework for drone delivery for makers around the world to use.

There are multibillion dollar companies, like Google and Amazon working on this movement, but their technologies will take years, even decades to have a global impact. That’s not fast enough. With the power of makers, innovators, and people who want to make a difference all around the world, this has the power to change the world.

What really inspired me to do it was being part of the maker movement in India, where a makerspace I have been working with created an open-source facemask design, and within 2 months were able to make a million masks!

By harnessing the power of this maker movement, we can create a global network of drones to work together and deliver emergency supplies wherever needed.

Right now, we're looking to test components for a VTOL design (Easy takeoff, more aerodynamic design allows us to glide). Might be a bit hard in these times, but worst case we'll have to use CFD to test the viability.
Would love any opinions or suggestions 

  • The tailsitter

    Naman Pushp11/16/2020 at 19:12 0 comments

    Over the past few months, the design has been worked on to give a BWB-esque shape. The airfoils used are derived from tailsitter references and a paper by Boeing on Blended Wing Body design. This shape effectively creates a blended form that allows for superior aerodynamics while maintaining the requirements for a tailsitter, allowing it to land and take-off from the winglets. The CFD simulation for this design is complete and the FEA simulation is almost complete - and the results should be coming soon!

  • VTOL Design V1 and roadmap

    Naman Pushp08/03/2020 at 17:52 0 comments

    So right now we've got the basic shape complete. We've officially moved on to a tail-sitter VTOL aircraft. The drone will stand vertically for takeoff, and then will rotate in midair for horizontal flight. Since the drone only needs to carry a small payload in the center and house the electronics, we've opted for a blended wing design, however the sizing will likely update based on requirements for the internals. The CAD requires an addition of ailerons and propellers (with motors) for a complete CFD simulation. The internals will be made with circuit diagrams and an e-CAD, and after bounding boxes for those are made, the internal structure will be generated through simulations

  • The Design Process

    Naman Pushp06/28/2020 at 20:56 0 comments

    Idea 1: We decided to create an aerodynamic rotary drone. Since most drones need to have maneuverability in all directions, their designs must be symmetrical. Ours does not. Since this is a delivery drone, we just need it to be aerodynamic in one direction, so we've modelled the body after a teardrop and the wings after airplane - well, wings! 

    Idea 2: VTOL (In progress) - We were looking at fixed wing as a potential design, but it required either a runway or existing infrastructure - a luxury most makers don't have. VTOL can get around those issues by taking of vertically, and then turning to glide for flight. Takeoff and landing are tricky, but if we can get this to work, it can dramatically improve the payload size and range.

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