Medusa Chess

Comm tool for Square Off boards and chess engines.

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At the moment we are only able to use Square Off electronic chessboard to play against a proprietary built-in engine running on Android/iOS, or connecting to specific sites. What if we could use this board to play against our favourite local chess engine installed on our PC?... Basically that's what Medusa Chess is about.

Medusa will act as a middleman between any UCI engine and the board. So we are able to end up with the combination of Square Off where pieces move by themselves, and our choice of chess engines like the neural network-based Leela Chess Zero (Lc0).

In my case, I configured a Raspberry Pi Zero with Medusa starting up from the booting process, which I leave it powered on all the time. This allows a great always-on experience, where everytime I want to play I just switch on Square Off, and start playing. For the engine itself, I'm using Lc0 with Mean Girl distilled network for lots of fun!

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