Deconstructed 555

A transistor based representation of the 555 integrated circuit.

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This is a transistor only circuit that makes the (in)famous 555 timer chip. All credit goes to as I used their schematic to construct this oversized 555 ic. For schematic and details of this project.I used an old acrylic box with the circuit on top. Transistors glued top down and copper tape as tracks. Salvaged screw speaker posts as legs. Also each post is wired to a small internal breadboard to ease using the 555 timer. E.g. tie Trigger to Threshold, capacitor 104 from Control to Ground, Reset tied to VCC. Common settings in a multitude of 555 circuits. I found this project strangely satisfying, especially testing circuits.. thanks evilmadscientist I may do the 741 op-amp next.

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