• Idea

    rnulds06/26/2020 at 21:49 0 comments

    At my hometown we have a social center were, step by step, we have created a small scenario and installed a decent audio equipment. Over time, some musicians has come to play music and do some spectacles on it. After all time we concluded that audio is very important! But the lighting it is also important!

    With this idea i started to think which were the best solution. I was searching for a solution which anyone interested on it where capable to use it. According to that, there are plenty of solutions on the market but the majority where too expensive, excessive professional and complicated to use. All where discarted.

    I wanted to start a project with ESP32 and it was the perfect opportunity. Just an ESP32 to interact with a power LED (COB).

    I was searching for some RGB power LEDs solutions and I did not find the perfect commercial driver. So, the lack of drivers and my hate over connectors guided me to design a PCB which incorporated all the components including the power LED (COB).