The 36V goodness

A project log for Custom motor driver for FFB Wheels

Why do we have to rely on expensive drivers when we can make our own?

Nikiss999Nikiss999 11/14/2020 at 21:230 Comments

Well the title says everything.

Forcefeedback is really good now, compared to what it was before (don't think that it was bad before with 12 Volts power supply, now it's just very good). Everything is snappier and Stronger. Cogging is also reduced because of that new closed loop current control.

Higher voltage gives more headroom for faster rotation. This means that you still get feedback even when counter steering the force from the game. With 12 V, at some point you hit a brick wall and you can't push enough juice into motor to keep FOC running.

This also means that the wheelbase can murder you. Stronk boi is really really fast now and that boi can punch you really hard.

Here are step log results, from wheelcheck

Wheel mounted


No wheel

12V with wheel 

(this chart is flawed, 1080 degrees were in mmos and 900 in wheelcheck, however there is no big change, line may get a little steeper but it won't come close to -5000)

Stay tuned for some stronk boi video action!