Hover Boi

A project log for Custom motor driver for FFB Wheels

Why do we have to rely on expensive drivers when we can make our own?

Nikiss999Nikiss999 06/14/2021 at 21:460 Comments

Here's an frankenstein hoverboard build. Main obstacle in post before was that it's mount was not good enough. 

Ordered SK16 smooth rod holder and it's freaking great! This mount is way stronger than just taking a clamp directly on motor, like big stepper or mige.

There's one big problem though. My motor's kind of a knockoff. It's stator is half the size of all other hovers...
So very little torque and very much heat.

Other problem is in pulley. One on the motor is drilled and filed to be able to be glued on the motor. Pulley on the encoder as well, needed to make 6mm hole from 5mm. Well, they are both woobly and there's encoder misalignment there. Since motor has 15 poles this is a BIG problem, or at least I think so.

Well for now I think that real motor will be great. Can't be certain about cogging. Other guys here told that there is little cogging, not as good as real servo. Need a 3d printed pulley to print a real mount to the back of the motor.

For now here's a little video of driving. Just ignore all squeaking and noise, it's coming from pedals, chair and fans all around. 
Motor is silent as long as you keep road noise setting in assetto corsa down. At 15% motor Really starts vibrating. But it's good I guess, it should do that if road noise is present.

Here's a picture of step log performance with tyre still on. HILARIOUS (better than actual performance, 20 amps was shoved into the motor expecting to get something out of it. Motor barely handles 4 amps on open air)