A project log for communication through gesture

A trigger is sent to a communications device when a hand moves above an adjustable threshold of acceleration

matt oppenheimmatt oppenheim 08/13/2020 at 09:460 Comments

This log answers the Design requirement for the Hackaday 2020 prize entry rules:

Design-Is there a depth of design detail available (like a system design, CAD models, project test methods, etc.)? Is there base-level planning for the functionality (e.g.,functional block diagram, list of specifications and descriptions of how they will be met, etc.)? How user-friendly is the design?


Each block of the design is explained in the set up instructions on my website at:

The design is extremely user friendly as it repurposes off the shelf technology. The only construction necessary is to make a wrist holder for the microbit. How to do this is explained on my website at:

Wrist holders are commercially available, but I found my home made one to be more secure and comfortable.