Primitus Omni

Primitus Omni, is an autonomous (eventually) robot with Lidar to be used as a security system

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Primitus Omni, is a robot, based on ESP32 (using TTGO t-display) with a Lidar sensor (RPLidar), with the purpose to operate as a security system.
Primitus will navigate autonomously around the house and if detect any "strange" person it will take a picture and send to it´s onwer.
Primitus will also be able to find the recharding station when needed.

This project is entirely open source and I looking for makers interested in help get this project going!!!!

Slowly I will better detail the project and next step, for now there is a TODO in the project page in github


3D model of primitus omni

step - 3.74 MB - 06/27/2020 at 22:03


  • Lidar testing

    Leandro07/01/2020 at 01:11 0 comments

    Finished tested all the hardware interface with the TTGO t-display board, and send the pcb to manufacture.

    Now I start to develop the code to interface with de Lidar. To help coding I solder a simple board to interface the Lidar with ttgo, tested the pwm which works fines, for next few days I will work on implementing the protocol for the lidar.

  • June 2020 - update

    Leandro06/28/2020 at 14:22 0 comments

    Currently I am on the stage of upgranding the control board to use the TTGO t-display board, which has an integrated display which will help in the development of the prject and also is a cheap and easily available board.

    Yesterday I finished the board v0.2 with TTGO:

    And in parrelel I am testing all the interface with the other parts of the robot before sending to manufactured (GPIO, PWM, UART).

    The pcb files are already available in github:

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Dan Maloney wrote 06/29/2020 at 16:10 point

Interesting design. How well do omniwheels work in a three-axle configuration like that? I'd think it would be difficult to travel in straight lines.

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Leandro wrote 06/29/2020 at 23:33 point

Hello Dan, it actually works very nice, this configuration gives a lot of degree of freedom and also help a lot in the programming because is very easy to use both polar and cartesian coordinates, there is a nice video explain the how the motion works

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