V1.3.0 PCB Design

A project log for Witches Brew V1.3.1 CV Joystick Controller

Let's you control any Voltage Control Synthesizer parameter with a Variable Voltage Output from +8V to -8V on a Joystick or other Controller

neil-mundtNeil Mundt 10/30/2020 at 20:560 Comments

After doing the PCB Layout and redoing some of the Artwork. I present you a very close Representation of what a final PCB will look like. I would like too thank Kristian Blåsol for his series Modular in a week for teaching me and pointing me in the right direction. 

Also LOOKMUMNOCOMPUTER for teaching how to motivate myself and not get down when things don't work as planned "Don't be afraid to try it." Been Though so many failed circuits and Burned IC's. But was able to make something out of it.