Today on DIY Goofs. Messed up the power for Witches brew 1.3.1 LED driver

A project log for Witches Brew V1.3.1 CV Joystick Controller

Let's you control any Voltage Control Synthesizer parameter with a Variable Voltage Output from +8V to -8V on a Joystick or other Controller

neil-mundtNeil Mundt 05/08/2021 at 00:350 Comments

After building some of the PCBs for the witches brew v1.3.1. Found out that it seemed like the LEDs were not working at all. After going through quite a bit of trouble shooting of checking simple stuff like polarity and even breadboarding a separate circuit based on the original schematic I drew up. It looks like I messed up on the Power Decoupling Capacitors. Planning on using these ones for a Separate Project anyway and the rest BODGE wires away!