Oreon Exosuit

An exoskeleton that combines a rigid steel frame with soft robotics and servo motors.

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The goal is to create an upper body suit that requires no levers to be pulled, and no buttons to be pressed; in essence, a powerful second skin. Muscle electrodes will read bicep and forearm signals, and when the respective muscles are flexed, the soft pneumatic muscles activate. For the hand, a larger version will be placed over the actual one, and will use high torque servo motors to contract each finger (flex resistors will be used for the electrical inputs).

The goal of the first 1-3 prototypes is to hammer down the application of the Mckibben pneumatic muscles and the servo motors in conjunction with the hand assembly. After that, the goal will be to either A, make a full body suit or B, use more muscle sensors for a type of prosthetic hand with arm-enhancing capabilities. At that point, I will attempt to make the suit economically and time-management wise realistic to recreate and sell.

  • Initial Rough Ideas

    lizarddragon105406/28/2020 at 05:09 0 comments

    The first prototype will be for one arm, including a steel frame for the bicep and forearm area. The goal of it will be to:

    1. figure out ways to have a good range of movement for the arm (not including shoulder)

    2. optimize size and placement of the pneumatic muscles

    3.  get a good idea of what the hand modification/enhancement will look like, from a design and usability standpoint (if an "extra" larger hand is added past the actual normal hand, it will vastly increase the strength requirements for the bicep-forearm muscles)

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