Just like the original backplane prototype board, this has plenty of pad-per-hole prototyping area with well marked (and differently shape pads) power and ground rails.  The two big differences is that this board has a 26-pin header to connect to either the SBC 8155 I/O port or to the new Serial-Parallel I/O card.  The second addition is this board has buffered LED displays of all 24 port signals (of course 22 from the 8155).

In the image above, the two 26 pin headers are connected in parallel but the signal is tapped by the buffers and sent to the LED displays to show the I/O signal levels no matter which direction they are going.  While the bottom header connects to the I/O port, the top header is a take-off point for wirewrapping or point-to-point into the pad-per-hole prototype area.

The build files are available on the SBC-85 project site and they are also available tindie and ebay.  If you don't see what you want, please let me know so i can check the qty availabl.