The CM100DY-24H  is a 1200V, 100 Ampere Dual Power electronic module primarily designed for switching applications. Each of the modules consists of two insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBT)  designed in a half-bridge configuration whereby each transistor is connected to a reverse super-fast recovery flyback diode.

All components inside this electronic module   are isolated from the heat sinking baseplate, by a basic system assembly and thermal management.


  • Low power consumption and low drive power
  • Low VCE(sat) @ IC = 100A, VGE = 15V, Tj = 150°C
  • Discrete Super-Fast Recovery (135ns) flyback Diode
  • High-Frequency Operation(20-25kHz)
  • Isolated Baseplate for Easy Heat Sinking


The CM100DY-24H   is an electronic module mostly use in switching applications, for instance, frequency converter and chopper applications.


This module is suitable for switching due to its low ON resistance, high-frequency operation, low gate drive power and coupled with almost zero gate drive current makes it a good option for high speed and various high voltage applications like SMPS, PWM, variable speed control, AC to DC converter and other high-frequency converter applications which operates in the range of hundred’s of  kHz

  • The CM100DY-24H   can be used in Ac and DC motor drivers.
  • To control an unregulated power supply (UPS) system.
  • The CM100DY-24H    is used in switched-mode power supplies (SMPS) and Pulse-Width-Mode(PWM)
  • It is used in DC servo motor control and induction heating.
  • It is used in inverter such as LOW POWER CVCF INVERTER (UPS)

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