A Darlington transistor is mainly used to provide a very high current gain even with low base current. the Darlington configuration was invented by a scientist called Sidney Darlington in the year  1953.

The ESM6045AV is an NPN  transistor which is also called a Darlington pair, it contains two  ESM6045AV NPN transistor that is connected to deliver a high current gain from a low base current. In the ESM6045AV NPN transistor,  a very small current in the base of the ESM6045AV  transistor causes a large emitter current to flow which is then applied to the base of the next ESM6045AV transistor.

Amplified current in the first ESM6045AV NPN transistor is again amplified by the current gain of the second ESM6045AV NPN transistor. Therefore, the emitter current of the second ESM6045AV transistor becomes very large which is high enough to drive high loads.


■ the ESM6045AV high current power bipolar module

■ very low rth junction case (0.5 C/W)

■ specified accidental overload areas

■ fully insulated package (ul compliant)

■ ESM6045AV is easy to mount

■ low internal parasitic inductance



This ESM6045AV  transistor is used in various industrial applications where a high gain is required at a low frequency. Some of the applications are

  • Power Regulators
  • Motor control
  • Audio Amplifier o/p stages
  • Welding equipment
  • Display drivers
  • Controlling of Solenoid
  • SMPS and UPS
  • Light and touch sensors.



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