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A project log for 2020 HDP Dream Team: UCPLA

The 2020 HDP Dream Teams are participating in a two month engineering sprint to address their nonprofit partner. Follow their journey here.

RubenRuben 07/20/2020 at 15:121 Comment

Storming -> Norming

With the preparation and presentation of our teams concepts, I feel like the team is on the verge of transitioning from Storming to Norming as part of the natural process of Team development.

The key point here is that the teams goals are beginning to align. Sure we all had the same general goals when starting the project and first applying with the team. One example is that I feel we all have a genuine desire to help those in need of assistive technology. However, our approaches were drastically different and so our personal agenda were also. But now that we have pitched our individual (but surprisingly complimentary designs) to UCPLA, we are anxiously waiting their response help guide us in which path to focus on for this project.


Erin RobotGrrl wrote 07/20/2020 at 16:38 point

Can't wait to hear which approach they will prefer!

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