Field Ready Dream Team Challenge - Week 1 - Introduction and Research

A project log for 2020 HDP Dream Team: Field Ready

The 2020 HDP Dream Teams are participating in a two month engineering sprint to address their nonprofit partner. Follow their journey here.

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Field Ready organization works towards designing, fabricating, manufacturing and delivering products that serve as humanitarian aid or for disaster relief to various places such as Africa, Nepal, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Vietnam, etc. It's called Field Ready because they go manufacture in the field itself to help various organizations design products in times of crisis. This is why they are extremely unique in their way of producing and distributing the products they manufacture to a wide array of people located in different countries. They have also established various maker spaces and partnered with existing ones in order to serve people in emergency times. The core of Field Ready is strengthening systems of local and distributed manufacturing in order to enhance disaster relief and humanitarian impact. 

Understanding the Field Ready challenge:

Although Field Ready is manufacturing a plethora of products that hold immense significance in times of crisis, the end-users of these products do not know who is supplying them these products. They are also unaware about who they shall contact or reach out to when there is a defect in the product, or there is some risk associated to it. In addition, there has to be a way through which the end-users can let Field Ready know when they need an abundant supply of a particular product. There is this need of a robust labeling and tracking system to ensure supply chain management from Field Ready to local manufacturers to the end-users. The users should be able to see the label and know who they need to contact when the product is not functioning or is broken or they need more of those products. This labeling and tracking system shall be integrated with the concept of quality control: where communication, trust, documentation of products along with their testing plan and risk assessment, consumer protection, and user-friendliness is ensured. 


  1. Brainstorm and research how labeling and tracking systems are established in various other industries such as food industry, medical and healthcare field, humanitarian aid and disaster relief sector, etc. 
  2. Can we possibly link a product's label with a product's test? This implies that can the label of the product provide information of its testing or trace back to the documentation of the product, which contains the testing procedure and risk assessment associated with that product. 
  3. Can we integrate quality control with this labeling and tracking system ? This implies that can we have a documentation or some sort of checklist from internal to external supply chain management, such that we have a Unique Identification Number for each product associated with it, along with its proper documentation. Can we use that for tracking the distribution of products from Field Ready to the end-users? 
  4. The end goal is to track anything that has been made with Field Ready designs
  5. Will this tracking and labeling system assure consumer protection, user-friendliness, simple and standardized (easy to use), evaluates solutions, and ensures a roadmap for reporting and repair?