A preliminary architecture for our system proposals

A project log for 2020 HDP Dream Team: Field Ready

The 2020 HDP Dream Teams are participating in a two month engineering sprint to address their nonprofit partner. Follow their journey here.

Tom HartleyTom Hartley 08/03/2020 at 11:370 Comments

When you think of corporate or business IT, it's easy to think of monolithic systems that have grown over time. But right now, we're in the quite lucky position of being able to propose a new way for Field Ready's digital infrastructure to function. I won't bore you with the process, but will skip right to the outcome. 

We are exploring the option of having two separate systems: the first, a customer-centric support system will be off the shelf. There's no need for us to reinvent the wheel for a process which has been honed and perfected by many companies around the world (Twilio, Zendesk, Freshworks, etc.) who have created B2B products that suit this niche perfectly.

The second system would be an internal platform designed for Field Ready to group their product manufacturing, testing, delivery, tracking and tracing. This is a more unique area of the challenge, and focussing our efforts here will allow us to create more reliable systems that effectively capture the needs of Field Ready and their users.

Want to know more? Go check out our Architecture PDF, uploaded in the files section right on this project. Thanks for reading!