CalEarth Sail Compass Analysis

A project log for 2020 HDP Dream Team: CalEarth

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Sameera ChukkapalliSameera Chukkapalli 07/15/2020 at 15:590 Comments
The Sail Compass - Helps builders follow the profile of the build. 


  1. The sail is being used as a reference for the build. Its not being used to push against as a backing for the earth filled bags. (observe that the bags are not touching the profile.)
  2. The sail is being used by the builder as a support system to walk on the different layers of build and it is a good support system when there is no scaffolding in place on site. 


  1. If the profile is not taking the load and is just being used as a reference tool, then does it have to be so robust and have a complete profile shape? 
  2. Has the profile ever been used as a pulley to move material to the layers?
  3. Is this the only sail profile style compass ever tried by CalEarth?
  4. Does the compass profile have to take any form of loads?