Microcontroller Choice

A project log for 2020 HDP Dream Team: Conservation X Labs

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Oluwatobi OyinlolaOluwatobi Oyinlola 07/09/2020 at 06:540 Comments

Microcontroller Choice

The choice of microcontroller is particularly important in what we are planning to achieve, and of course there are several options, but we are pursuing the one that provide easy OTA firmware updates with an extremely low power functionality.

                                               nRF52 Development Kit

Battery management is designed for rechargeable battery that monitors the charging cycles to protect and continually manage the charging circuit, which will constantly provide information and performance details based on the condition of the battery.

One of the mechanisms to use is a cell to cell balancing to achieve a uniform state of charge, other functionality is state-of-charge estimation, over-charging, and over-discharge protection.

Part of our plan for the implementation is to use Lithium-ion batteries rechargeable after 1-2 weeks through a direct AC to DC adapter.