LoRa - RFM95W-915S2 Development Board

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Leonardo WardLeonardo Ward 08/02/2021 at 12:390 Comments

Based on the LoRa development board used for the designs Buoy A v1.0, Buoy B v1.0, Onboard Gateway v1.0, we chose the RFM95W-915S2 to implement in the new prototypes. 

This post presents the design of our own development board used to test the RFM95W-915S2 before it is included in the final design. The schematic is very simple, it includes a decoupling capacitor, a U.FL connector for an external antenna and a few headers.

The design can be found in the following Github repository.


Bill of Materials

RFM95W-915S2 LoRa™ Transceiver Module 915MHz SMD1
10 µF ±10% 6.3V Ceramic Capacitor 08051
U.FL (UMCC) Connector Receptacle, Male Pin 50 Ohm SMD1
Conn Header 40POS 2.541