About STM8 Modules:

Quite possibly the Smallest and Least Expensive User Programmable Embedded Controller EVER with an on-board fully integrated development environment!

USA Developed and sold by a Disabled US Veteran

“Smaller than a ‘Stamp”™

The STM8S103F3P6 Minimum System Board containing STM8 BASIC Embedded™ or STM8 Compact BASIC Embedded™ is a 1.125" x .75" (30mm x 18mm) Single Board Computer containing a version of the BASIC programming language designed specifically for FAST, EASY, and INEXPENSIVE Embedded Systems Development.

If you need a very tiny, very inexpensive, very low power, and very simple to program controller for performing Controller functionality such as Analog to Digital conversion, PWM output, Digital I/O and more then the STM8S103F3P6 version of STM8 BASIC™ is exactly what you’re looking for.

Designed by an Embedded Systems Architect with 40 years embedded systems experience, using every technique they knew to squeeze an amazing amount of functionality onto a microcontroller with only 8K Flash code memory and 1K of RAM (and only uses ¾ of that RAM – the rest belongs to you!).

Yet because of just that it’s also so inexpensive that it it’s easily affordable (and easily usable) by hobbyists or students as well as professionals.

STM8 BASIC™ gives you the power and flexibility you need to program the internal peripherals of the STM8S103F3P6 microcontroller from your code – and even allows you to additionally load your own custom STM8 machine code routines into memory and execute them along with your code.

And of course, there is an Auto-Run feature that lets you decide if you want your program to run automatically on power-on or reset… it is intended to be an unattended controller after all; with such a minuscule power consumption (max 2.3 mA @ 3.3 VDC) that you can run off very small capacity batteries for extended periods of time. Excellent for use as an industrial controller or an unattended remote IoT sensor “leaf node”.

No development tools needed! Your purchase price gives you a completely self-hosted development environment with built-in editor and debugger – all the software tools you need to start your project right out of the box, it's literally plug-and-play. Your code is held in non-volatile EEPROM rated at 300K write cycles. No need to download code to your board, unless you want to of course (and the manual tells you how if you prefer editing and archiving your code on a PC).

And as for the debugger - you can optionally trace every line of execution with not just a line number, but the entire line displayed along with the value of all the variables. No need to have a listing at hand to match line numbers to lines of code, it’s all there in a single glance.

Stuck in a “forever loop”? Hit Escape and the program breaks displaying the line number last executed. Or alternatively enable the debugger and you will have a trace of every line executed along with every variable value at that moment to see just where and why you never exit the loop.

STM8 BASIC Embedded™ and STM8 Compact BASIC Embedded™ both contain almost an identical set of features, the primary difference being that STM8 Compact BASIC Embedded™ uses a “compact” syntax that takes up on average 15% to 30% less program memory to implement the exact same functionality – allowing you to fit more into your programs using less memory. On the other hand, some may prefer STM8 BASIC Embedded™ which uses a traditional BASIC syntax similar to that used by Microsoft and Commodore in their early versions of BASIC for 8-bit systems such as the Commodore 64 and original IBM-PC.



Program in BASIC or Compact BASIC, and STM8 machine code, both bodies of code coexisting and working together at the same time.

Call built-in “helper”...

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