Would you like to learn how to make a led chaser circuit using some transistor? LED chaser circuits are simple electronic circuits that usually find their use in advertisement and decorative purposes in places such as automobiles, Festivals & Home decor. So, in this project, we will design a LED chaser circuit using 2SC9013 NPN transistors.

Step 1: Hardware Required

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Step 2: Solder All Resistors

Solder All Resistors

Step 3: Solder All Transistors

Solder All Transistors

Step 4: Solder All LED's

Solder All LED's

Step 5: Solder All Electrolytic Capacitors

Solder All Electrolytic Capacitors

Step 6: Solder Terminal Block & Potentiometer

Solder Terminal Block & Potentiometer

Step 7: Let's Test the Circuit

Let's Test the Circuit

Step 8: Circuit Diagram

Circuit Diagram