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A project log for Programmable Kitchen Island Lamp

Parties end up in the kitchen, so why not give the kitchen lamp a party mode?

steve-pomeroySteve Pomeroy 07/16/2020 at 03:550 Comments

For fun—probably not for production—I whipped up a quick gesture interface for the kitchen island lamp. 

It's triggered when your hand is directly above the Leap Motion controller. Raising/lowering your hand controls brightness, tilting it forward/backwards controls whether the upper or lower lights are lit, and tilting it to the side (rolling) fades between white lights and the RGB ones with a pattern playing.

It feels (and looks) like magic!

If I decide to actually use something like this in production, I may need to switch from absolute positioning to relative positioning. That is, to brighten the lamp, you put your hand in the target area and raise it. That would prevent the lights from flickering when you first put your hand back within the sensing area.

This was made in TouchDesigner using a Leap Motion controller and a ton of Math CHOPs.