IR (Infrared) Remote Control Switch Circuit is a cost-effective solution for home appliances in our fast-paced life. As a result, much importance has been given to this aspect and a range of remote controls are prevalent today. One of the most frequent is that which makes use of IR radiations at particular frequencies for operations. So In this tutorial, we are going to make an “Infrared IR Remote Control Relay Module” by using TSOP1713 & CD4017 Decade Counter IC.

Step 1: Hardware Required

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Step 2: Solder Relay

Solder Relay

Step 3: Solder IC Base & Terminal Block

Solder IC Base & Terminal Block

Step 4: Solder Transistors

Solder Transistors

Step 5: Solder TSOP1738

Solder TSOP1738

Step 6: Solder Output LED

Solder Output LED

Step 7: Solder Power Connector

Solder Power Connector

Step 8: Add AC Bulb in Series With Output

Add AC Bulb in Series With Output

Be Carefully dealing with 220v

Step 9: Test the Circuit

Test the Circuit

Step 10: Circuit Diagram

Circuit Diagram