adaption of

ake a aligator clip, and a piece of thread. Tie it to the aligator clip. Drop the aligator clip all the way thru the plastic tube, and grip the sticky tape backing with it , Step on the thread, lift the tube and press lights gently in with a broom handle. Go slow keep it straight. Push them down good AFTER getting all of the backing off. 
Then tape the caps shut , putting the led wire out the bottom one. and then tape it closed. Then tape the caps ON . Its now water proof. More or less. Like a 9$ watch is. 

Then take a 3cell 2700 mah lipo for RC, and a 24v to 5v10A BEC , and a wireless keyfob relay and wire them up to power when you push one button and off on the other button. (the instructions for the fob you choose will be of more help than me with so many different ones, this is a junk drawer project remember) 

This power only powers the strip, with connected ground to the arduino. This way you can ride around with the arduino started, ready to display / displaying all the time but the lights have no power. So you dont use the idle current of the 70 leds. 

i powered the arduino off an 18650 one cell charger/5v usb.