Railcore 600

This railcore ii 300zlt based project is extended to 600x600 bed size. It require change rails, screws, profile size & some others.

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Industrial Core XY 3D printer.
Print volume (XYZ): 600 mm x 600 mm x 630 mm.
Dimensions (XYZ): 900 mm x 830 mm x 1000 mm.
Weight is 75 kg.
Control Cards: Duet WiFi paired with Duex 5. 32 bit.
Reserves for modernization with an extruder change as in the E3D tool changer or Z-bolt.
BLtouch probe.
Kenovo 220V table heater. 4 sectional. Power 3kW!
E3D V6 Gold edition with tempered nozzle or
Slice Engineering Mosquito with hardened nozzle
Plastic Feed: Bondtech BMG
Dural X-carriages, L-brackets and Z-clamps.
HIWIN linear precision rails.
Z axis on ball screw SFU.
Meanwell power supply.
NEMA 231.8 degree motors along the Z axis give 0.01 mm per pitch
1.8 degree motors for X, Y and NEMA17 extruder

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