Good news everyone... Bluetooth GNSS App for Android 10

A project log for GNSS bluetooth module with u-blox NEO8N

Here I build a external GNSS module for mobile devices without or unsatisfactory navigation GNSS option.

dechemistdechemist 10/23/2020 at 16:250 Comments

Just a short post to spotlight a great Android app to mock the location service and insert the postion from a GNSS bluetooth mouse / modules. 

The app has the catchy name 'Bluetooth GNSS - GPS, Galileo, GLONASS and BaiDou' and is available in the Google Playstore (link here) for free. It works flawlessly on my Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 with LineageOS 17 (Android 10) and has support for RTK/NTRIP data streams for u-blox F-series or similar RTK GPS chips.  Here a quote from the app discripton "This app supports showing 'Accuracy' estimates from the U-Blox 'PUBX' accuracy messages, instead of the commonly used 'HDOP x CEP' method. This PUBX accuracy reading exactly matches as is the same source of the 'Accuracy' as shown in U-Center PC tool when connected directly to the M8030 (EcoDroidGPS) or ZED-F9P (EcoDroidGPS + ArduSimple) devices via USB."

If you consider using this app give this guy a 5-star review if you like it :)