How it'll work:

  1. Install receivers on monitors, smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc.
  2. Wear headset and look at a device.
  3. The onboard IR receiver identifies the device you're looking at.
  4. Computer vision determines the orientation of your head relative to the device's screen
  5. Computer vision determines your gaze trajectory
  6. Combine 'em together to determine where you're looking on the device. That's the cursor!
  7. Blink to click. Squint to drag. Blink twice to scroll.
  8. The headset transmits your position and clicking to the receiver on the device.
  9. The device sees the receiver as a touchscreen and gets commands!

Onboard hardware:

  • Core unit
    • Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3+
    • StereoPi carrier board
    • Custom interface board
    • Quick-disconnect magnetic power jack
    • Adorable teeny-weeny heatsink and fan
  • Eyepiece
    • CSI infrared camera, modified for super-macro
    • IR reflectance sensor, to detect high-speed blinks
    • IR emitters to triangulate cornea
    • Indicator LED's for user feedback
  • Forehead piece
    • CSI full-color camera to triangulate position relative to target devices
    • IR transceiver to identify target device and send gaze position to receiver
    • Warning LED when forehead camera is active
  • Receivers (not shown, mounted to devices)
    • LED indicators to aid positioning
    • IR transceiver to transmit device information and receive gaze data
    • Bluetooth or USB connection to target device - enumerates as a touchscreen