Build Air Band Receiver Step by Step GNU-RADIO

In this Proj , A to Z step by step Guide how to build your Own Air band Receiver under win 10 with GNU-Radio companion ,lets make it simple

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now you can easy build and listen to AIR BAND PLANES AND AIRPORT IN YOUR AREA .

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MWK wrote 07/04/2020 at 09:47 point

what i use in this video :
1- options block : wx gui
2- variable block : sample rate
3- variable block : base frequency 4- wx gui slider block : frequency correction
5- wx gui slider block : volume
6- wx gui chooser block : offset frequency
7- rtl-sdr source block
8- frequency xlating fir filter block
9- agc2 block
10- AM demod block
11- multiply const block
12- audio sink block
13- wx gui fft sink block
in wx gui chooser : you can change the labels name and frequency as you like : default value : -300e3
choices : [-800e3,-550e3, -300e3,300e3,500e3]
Labels : ["TWR1 121.4M","TWR2 118.85M", "APP1 119.1M","APP2 119.7M","APP3 119.9M"]

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