A project log for openSampler

a hardware sampler based on the raspberry pi running bare metal (so no Linux)

Nick VerlindenNick Verlinden 07/15/2020 at 11:140 Comments

Today i received the audio injector octo 8 soundcards. I'm looking forward to figure out how to get audio input and output. I'll have a look at Patrick's vGuitar rig project code, because he already figured out a lot of the details.

In the mean time I have been busy with creating the ui code. Let's get something straight about that. I just absolutely love 1 bit guis, and both the mpc1000 and s6000 have 1 bit guis because of their use of graphic 1 bit displays. So, I'm creating a 1 bit gui for this project. I hear you thinking: this guy... I know, tastes differ, and you may not like the pixellated look of 1 bit displays, but with those limitations, a minimalistic design comes with it and thats the way I like it. Further more, if at one point we discover that we dont like touchscreens, we can always replace it with a 1 bit spi/i2c display with minimal change. Also, since this is an open source project, you are free to fork it, and create a gui to your liking! While looking at the guis of the mpc1000 and the s6000, I stumbled upon the gui of the mpc4000. It's like a mix between the mpc1000 and s6000, and it's a great source to base the gui on.

The source of the first working version is going on the gitlab repo soon. Stay tuned!