Quick Update

A project log for openSampler

a hardware sampler based on the raspberry pi running bare metal (so no Linux)

Nick VerlindenNick Verlinden 09/27/2020 at 20:310 Comments

Just a quick update here. I've been very busy with work, which should be a good thing in these times. Unfortunately, that also means less time to play around. But... openSampler is always on my mind, and I have lots of time while commuting to think about the execution. It really helps not to take things too fast, because while staring out the train window, often an idea will pop into my mind, that will solve some problem I was having.

I've been working on a modular 3d printable case system in the evenings. It's nice, it takes some time to print parts, trail and error. The casing system will be used for openSampler. I have this idea that the controls for the sampler are completely customisable. If you want to have a rotary control, you can. If you want to have dedicated hardware buttons for something specific, you can. Heck, if you just want a touchscreen and no other controls, fine!

I'm thinking about making all control boards i2c modules. That way you can add controls as you please, or remove them if they're not working out for you, or even remap their function to something else. I'm pretty excited by this idea. In my head it's all easy-peasy; but I suspect the reality of it will be a little more complex. 

Anyway, i'm focussing on perfecting the 3d printable case system now, next I'm going to try another touch display. I've bought this square HyperPixel touch screen, which seems perfect for me. I found the raspberry pi 7inch touch screen a little bit too bulky. I think the display will work out of the box, but the touch screen might not. It's i2c based, and think Circle's built-in touch driver is for the memory based touch screen only. i2c is relatively easy, so it should not be a huge problem to implement this. Let's see how that works out.

Talk to you soon!