Quantity   Component name
1 × Arduino Uno Bog-standard Arduino Uno. Genuino in this case.
3 × 250v 1800uF Capacitor Mmmm, high-voltage. [So Danger!]
3 × Vishay, VS-70TPS12PBF, Thyristor, 1200V 70A, 100mA 3-Pin, Super-247 Thryistor, for switching large capacitor currents
1 × 230V ac, 2 x 12V ac Toroidal Transformer, 15VA 2 Output Supposed to help transform my 12V SPWM signal.
1 × DC-7G3EWA Kingbright Light Bar LED Display, Green, Red 2.2 mcd LED Charging Display
1 × Nexperia 250V 250mA, Silicon Junction Diode, 2-Pin DO-35 BAV21,113 High Voltage diodes. Also used to construct full bridge rectifer.
3 × BNP 547 Transistor Amplifying Arduino Pin current in order to trigger the Chunky thyristors.